Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Pictures

The day after Christmas my family was supposed to take some beautiful outdoor photos...but it started to SNOW! SO, we had to improvise. David Palmer, Jay and Aubrey's brother in law took our pictures in a big building and is going to photoshop in different backgrounds. I am interested to see where I end up at. Melody wanted penguins in the background, there were a few requests for the beach and one for the mountains. When I get the finished product I will post them. Melody looked beautiful in purple. I have a great looking family!! Love you guys!!!


Christmas was a lot of fun. I love to be at home with my family and hang out. Analyse was great. She helped Melody make cookies for Santa Christmas Eve and took her to put oats out for the reindeer. We all stayed up late watching Home Alone (one of my personal favorites)and then got up way too early to open presents. Melody was so excited to add more webkinz to her collection and get cute aprons and Barbie movies and a catz2 Wii game (she got a Wii from Santa at her dad's house the day before). She loved her minky blanket and so did I (thanks Tanisha!) I also got a Wii fit from all my awesome friends (thanks guys, I'm excited) and a sewing machine from my parents (you're the best!). My dad wasn't too sure what this ipod thing was that he got for Christmas but by that night, it had become a favorite...especially loaded up with the Mamma Mia sound track (who doesn't love Abba, right?) Robert got the great lamp from the Christmas Story and my mom got a Wii for the family and that kept everyone busy the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Space

For all of you that wondered if I no longer had internet and for those of you that called to tell me to update the blog, here it is..and 3 posts in one night..do I deliver or what? So, why haven't I updated in a while?...Well, there was Thanksgiving..and I worked...and then I started a new job with Banner. My title is Episode Utilization Coordinator. All it means is that I make sure that Banner gets paid all the money it can from each case. I get to use my nursing skills and knowledge and learn about a whole new financial world and coding world. It has been interesting. I also get my own space, my very own cubicle! I guess this might not be that exciting to some, but I have spent too many shifts carrying around my clipboard and not sitting down for 12 hours to NOT be excited. Another perk is that I no longer have to work nights, weekend, be on call, or work hollidays !!! I also can work from home some and so if Melody is sick, I won't have to use my time off. So, now that I have adjsuted over the last couple weeks and Christmas prep is done, I can relieve all of your worried minds :)

Tree, Lights and Fun

Melody and I have had fun getting ready for Christmas. We put up the tree and listened to our Christmas favorites..Alvin and the Chipmunks(old school)and the Carpenter's. We were lucky to have Coleman and the scouts put up our Christmas lights, Thanks guys! We went to the temple and looked at the lights and it was great that Melody wanted to talk about Jesus and tell me that He is the reason we have Christmas. Another highlight, was walking around the Beazer neighborhood with the Gardner boys and looking at all the lights. There were cookies and hot chocolate at evey corner. HOwever, I am not sure if Tanisha will allow me to go with the boys again as Ryan stained his shirt, Jason's pants got sloshed and Erik got burned...ALL with hot chocolate.
I love Christmas and know that Melody and I are very lucky girls to have so many wounderful friends and family. You guys are the best!

Family Time

This year for Grandma and Grandpa Shreve's Christmas party, Alisha and Robert and Fam, and Andrew, Denise ( my soon to be sister in law :) and Brandon and Denise's sister all came down to the big city. We went out to eat and then went to G&G's house. The kids had fun playing the candy bar game and the gift exchange was a big hit...although I talked Melody out of trading for a huge remote control boat and she was a little upset. In my defense, where would we ever use it? The bath tube is, sadly, not big enough and we do not have a pool. Anyway, Melody ended up with a movie, Jared got a remote control dirt bike, Lauren got a barbie and Brandon came away with a pop gun.

After that, we headed to Zoolights. The kids loved the talking giraffe and the "dancing lights". It was a new experience and the best part (funny now) was that Melody got hungry and I told her she could wait until we got home to eat AGAIN, she then proceeded to cry and say (Loudly) "Please, mommy, just give me anything to eat..I am soooooo starving." and then "I'm going to die because I never get to eat."...You get the idea, and all this while standing in line for the shuttle. I'm sure someone behind me in line was calling CPS. I decided to ignore her and, would you believe it, she fell asleep before we could get home and feed her, the poor, starving girl!

It was fun to hang out with our family and it was a great day because Andrew and Denise got engaged. I'm so excited for you both. Denise, I love you and am glad I get you for a sister :) Andrew, you know I love you. Congratulations!!