Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas 2011/Flat Lauren

I think I must have turned into a Scrooge or something last year for Christmas because these are the only pictures I have...I will have to turn over a new leaf this year so I am not haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future!

As you can see, Melody is holding a paper doll in most of these pics. This is Flat Lauren. Melody's cousin, Lauren, sent Flat Lauren to us so we could take her on some adventures, take some pictures of Flat Lauren with us and then write a letter to Lauren's class about some of the things we did. Luckily, Lauren had us do this or there would be no evidence that we celebrated Christmas at all last year! We took Flat Lauren with us to a Christmas party and then to the Temple to look at the lights. (we did some other things later, but after Christmas)

As far as the rest of Christmas, Melody and I went to Safford in time for our family Christmas Eve dinner, nativity program, and Christmas Jar delivery. I love it because it sets the mood for Christmas and I love just being with my family.

Christmas Concert 2011

In December it was time for the Christmas concert again. I love hearing the kids sing and I love, even more, how excited Mel and Erik were to practice their songs for the concert. My personal favorite was "Christmas is Coming and We Are Getting Fat". Mel and Erik would sing this one over and over on the way home from school and would even let me join in sometimes because, after a few hundred times, I had it memorized too!  The kids all did a great job and they are excited for next year because the 4th graders get to play the recorder for one of their songs.  Since I am writing this so late, I can say the recorder practicing is going strong. I had to put a stop to practicing in the ears couldn't take it anymore ...but I am sure this year's concert will be great!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Festival 2011

After Mel's Bday party we cleaned up and got everything back home and then took off to the school for the fall festival. I worked at a game booth and let Mel go with her friends to play all the games and in the bounce house and go down the huge slide. I was lucky and there was a lull at the booth I was working at and I got a picture of Mel climbing the rock wall. For some reason, I didn't take any other pictures. It was an interesting weather day and ended up getting hot! But, the festival was fun and  successful and the kids always say, "NO!" when it is over and can't wait for next year to have it again. I love this school and the good friends Melody has here!

Mel's Birthday Party Nov 2011

Mel's Birthday party was on a Saturday morning at the park right by our house. We did some old school games with a hula hoop and, my favorite, the balloon game. You tie a balloon to a string and then tie the other end of the string around your ankle. Then the stomping begins and whomever is the last person with a balloon not popped, wins! The grassy area was pretty big so next time I will have to make the boundaries a little smaller. At the end, there were still a few kids with balloons intact and they were getting tired of running so I let everyone that was out, back in and that sped things up so we had a winner and could go to the next game. Melody wanted to play the mummy wrap game SO bad. The kids each got a turn to be the mummy and the other 2 in the group would wrap them up. Then, the mummy would bust out and we would clean up and rotate. I think that was the favorite game for most of the kids.

After that, it was time for the was a black cat (Mel's birthday is just a couple days after Halloween so Halloween seems to blend into some of her bday decor :). That cat was HARD to break. All the kids had a couple rounds at hitting it and it didn't break at all so Jason and Nick (they were kind and came and helped) each got a turn and finally it broke open. There was candy for all and then it was time for cupcakes and presents. Melody was spoiled and got lots a nice presents. We managed to squeeze all the fun in and finished right on time for parents to come and pick kids up for their next event...the fall festival! It was a fun day and I was glad that all the kids had so much fun playing games at the park and I am SO glad that Melody has such wonderful friends!