Monday, April 21, 2008

Most Honorable Friends!

Here are the pictures of some awesome girls! They are all fun and talented and I am glad to have such great friends. Thanks for a great birthday. The last picture is a letter from Donelle. We missed you SO much. You know that no party is complete without you. Thanks for the letter and the next party will be yours and Leslie's!! I can't wait.

Most Honorable Fun

We had great Chinese food and sushi and then the games began. Jen and Leslie started off the taste testing game and then Liz and I got our turn. It started with a surprisingly good cookie and then the blindfolds came off and 2 special surprises awaited us! The first (not pictured here for those with no sense of humor) was great and a big surprise. The second was awesome sumo cakes. One for Liz and one for ME! Great job Jen and Leslie on the cakes. After the cakes we played a game using chopsticks in a relay race with marshmallows around the pool. Lots of fun!

Most Honorable Birthday Party

I have such great friends! They pulled off another great party as Liz and I were both turning 30. The invitation arrived in a cute pink asian box and the decorations at the party were great. I loved the glass paintings and the placemats! Everyone had one in honor of their birth year. Mine was the Horse and it said that I sometimes talk too much, rarely listen to advice, have a weakness for members of the opposite sex, am impatient and hot-blooded about everything but daily work. ON a positive note for the horse people, we are also cheerful, skillfull with money, wise, good with our hands, like entertainment and are very independant. It was fun to read the different things on the different years!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Usually I am one that cannot wait for April 15th but this year I was hoping it would be a long time coming. However, I think it just sped things up because, like it or not, 30 is here! I think this is just one of those birthdays that make you take a real deep look at life and where you're at and I felt like I am lacking in a number of ways which led to a few tears...Anyway, I did get out of bed and went to work and the day ended up being great! (I mean if it's got to happen I might as well enjoy it, right?) I woke up to a few pictures colored by Melody. She had written on one of them that her wish was for me to always be her mom (SWEET!) After work I came home to my heart attacked house. Chrissy, Melody, Paige and Nathan wrote me notes and decorated (Thanks Chrissy! Melody was so excited and I loved it) Then Leslie and Mel had me open up a Chris Brown CD and A Captain Jack Sparrow poster. Tanisha came over with 2 dozen BEAUTIFUL pink roses from the boys (what sweethearts!) and a cool book on influential women in revolutionary times. She also delivered a present from my favorite Texan. Donelle, I loved my present. She did 30 things I love about you in a shadow box with some great pictures of us from back in the day. Jen stopped by too and gave me some pampering delights! I loved the phone calls from all of you and my family and appreciate all the effort to make 30 great!

My Award

I was asked to come into work early today to go to a staff meeting and I thought it was just because I have worked for Banner for about 7 years and they do recognition for that BUT it was for another award. I won nurse of the year for Banner Home Care. I was surprised but excited because you had to be nominated by your peers. I guess it was worth going in early to work for once :)


Melody came home from school today and was very excited to show me what they did in PE today. She then did the "tree" and "baby" pose and a few others. She said there is no talking during yoga and there was even nice music playing. I have to say that I thought this was pretty cool - especially because Mel was so into it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kylie Sue Christensen

I am so glad that I finally got to meet Kylie and be there on her blessing day. She is a sweet baby! I miss holding her already. Andrea and Jared are great parents and already have her sleeping 8 hours at night (You know it's all your training :) ) We had a couple days to spend with them in Utah before we had to come home. I am still looking for that perfect job for you Jared - Arizona is great!! But for now, I will just have to look forward to the summer when Andrea and Kylie will come down for a visit. It will be great to have Kylie, Lanie, Melody and ALL the cousins together. I love you guys. Thanks for a great time!


I had a great time at general conference. I had never been before so of course I was loving the atmosphere and sites. I only took one picture though. This is my Aunt Brenda, my sister, Analyse, and my mom. We were waiting to go in to the Sun afternoon session. I also went to the Sunday am session. It was great to be there. I have to say that the Sunday afternoon session was the best - it had a little of everything. It was great to be there with family. We were also there for Andrea and Jared's baby blessing. But that deserves a separate post!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here is Melody in her Easter Dress/Bridesmaid dress from Chrissy and Jenn's BDay party. Great job on the dress Tanisha! Melody loves it. She also insisted she needed me to take her picture while she was spinning. (Didn't you all love to spin in a pretty dress with a good poof to the skirt? I know I did) We did Easter a week late but it was still great. I love having a girl!