Saturday, September 10, 2011

3rd credit card gone!

What would life be like without a few bumps in the road? I don't really know anyone who knows the true answer to that question. For myself, this last year has been full of bumps and a few bruises to go along with them. Cryptic, I know...but unfortunately, too many things in my life are better left that way and especially regarding posting anything on the internet. BUT, I had to post that even though the debt snowball has had to slow WAY down this year, there was still some progress and my 3rd, and last, credit card is paid off! I had to celebrate here, even if it was months behind schedule. The best I can do to say why the slow down is that I have had to try to cash flow some other things, that still aren't over, and that made it necessary to go back to minimum payments on this card that otherwise would have been paid off in Feb of this year. But, even though things did not go as planned, progress is still being made and Chase Bank will no longer be collecting money from me every month :)