Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tuesday, we loaded up the Yukon and Cindy's van and headed to Waco. Who knew Waco was so cool?! We went to a Discovery Kids Museum in the morning, and the kids would have stayed all day if we'd have let them. We didn't even see a third of the museum it was so big. But, the rooms we did go into were all geared toward kids and letting them play with everything. They got to learn about printing, the weather, recycling, towns, tea parties, water, bubbles, animals, reptiles....and a whole lot more. Melody says it was the best museum EVER! For lunch we went to the Burger Barn. Donelle had found it on-line as one of the best places to eat in town. It looked a little scary as we drove up...but the food was excellent. We had to take a few pictures of the decor. There was no rhyme or reason to it...anything the owner had collected was out! I would definitly recommend it, if you're going to Waco and looking for a good burger and awesome atmosphere :) After lunch, we went to the Cameron Zoo. It was perfect...not too big or too small and we were close to the animals...Melody's favorite was the tiger because "It's a Big Cat" of course, I should have guessed that, right? :)On the way home, we stopped by the DP plant and picked up a few things. Donelle found this awesome sign to bring home (and for Randy to haul back to AZ in a few months....be glad she didn't get the bar stools, the huge clock, or anything else :) It was a fun day and I would go back to Waco for sure.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Love Six Flags

This is cute, the kids all yell "WE Love Six Flags" before they take of one one of the rides by themselves!

Six Flags

Monday, we went to Six Flags and I was as excited as the kids! I have always wanted to go. The kids had a blast on the rides and were great standing in line. Seeing the characters was a big hit as well. But, the best part of the day for Melody (and I think some of the others as well) was being tall enough to go on some rides WITHOUT MOM! Melody thought she was SO cool that she didnt NEED me! It was actually really cute to hear the kids talk about how grown up they are now and how excited they were to tell us all about the ride afterward. I thought it was a fun day... however, one regret. I didnt get to go on any of the BIG rides. I guess that will have to wait for another trip. Anyone interested?