Friday, October 10, 2008

Last Day :(

Our last day, Melody wore her cute new shirt from Tanisha and we did her hair in "Minnie Ears" with bows Tanisha made for her. It turned out really cute. We spent the day checking out shops, shows and random rides (melody's favorites). We enjoyed some good treats and relaxed on a bench waiting for the parade. It was nice to just enjoy the atmosphere of Disneyland. It was hot and really crowded so it was a good day to have no agenda. That night Melody had fun jumping on the beds. We flew home the next day and she was ready to come home. She was so tired she slept in the airport. It was a great trip and we both had a blast!!

Great Pictures!

I usually don't go for the theme park pictures but I couldn't pass up this one from Space Mountain. It just shows how Melody is on a good ride. Total exuberance. I wish I could have recorded her singing YO-HO on the pirate ride as well. It was awesome!!

We also ran into a few characters and ended up with a few pictures. Melody was most excited to meet the Mayor of Disneyland.

Day 3

The 3rd day we had early entry to Disneyland and got to ride a lot of rides with no wait! Melody really wanted to eat at the resturant in th Pirate ride so we had lunch at the Blue Bayou. The atmosphere was great and the food was...okay. But I'd never been ther before and it was good for me to try something new. AND for all of you that know I am not too fond of lettuce, I took a picture of my salad as I knew you would never believe I ate it. I even tried the avacado in it and...liked it.

Later, we met up with the Dennison's and Melody was so excited to see her friends. We went on the Grizzly Rapid ride and got wet, then went to Soarin' and the Tower of Terror. Maddie showed Melody with the Beauty and the Beast library with books that tells you what character you are most like. Melody was like Ariel and I was like Mulan (my favorite!! I'll be a hot asian chick any day!)

To end the day, Melody and I watched the Parade of Dreams at Disneyland. I am glad she humors me and let me watch the parade every day :)

Mel at the Parade!

Melody loved to dance at the parades! I caught a little bit of it and love it!

Day 2

The second day was also a lot of fun but crowded. It was Miley aka Hannah Montana's Bday party Sunday at Disneyland and it closed at 5 pm. There were signs and stages set up up around the park and secruity was increased, we could only walk certain places and after about 2pm we decided to go to California Adventure. I took a picture of the people waiting to go into the BDay party (there were a limited number of tickets for $250 dollars a piece!) Melody told me she loved me even though I couldn't take her to Hannah Montana's party.

Melody really liked the parade at California Adventure and she even got up the nerve to ride the Tower of Terror. I didn't hear a sound out of her the whole time and after I looked over and her eyes were huge and she was shaking. She said she never wanted to do it again. But, the next day she tried again with Maddie and Payton and loved it. GO figure! She says it is too spooky at night but during the day it is okay.

Melody went through a few things before deciding on her "prize" She finally ended up picking a Bambi webkinz. She was careful to not let him get wet and to buckle him in on the rides. At the end of the day, they were both exhausted!