Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Melody and I have been busy the last couple months and I have a lot to catch up on. The main reason we have been so busy is that we moved. Today, with the help of good friends, we cleaned up the house and I locked the door for the last time. I have to say that I got a little emotional saying goodbye to our home for the last 4 1/2 years. We have SO many good memories from living here and have made great friends. I am SO grateful for all of you that helped me move: pack and unpack, clean, have a yard sale on the coldest morning yet and go up the stairs to the 3rd floor! Melody and I moved into an apartment on the 3rd floor and are still adjusting to the climb. Luckily, we got to stay close by all our good friends! Tanisha and Coleman have been out shopping with me to get a few things for the new place, I will have to post pictures after it is all put together. This move has been difficult and it has tested my faith a bit but I know Melody and I are where we are supposed to be...hopefully, I get to find out why someday :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Friday night, Melody and I went camping with our friends (and ward). We followed the Gardners up to Christopher Creek and had some of the boys ride with us in our new car. Mel was excited to have company, and I was excited the little car made it up all the hills! We got dinner in Payson (and let Coleman transfer funds) and then headed to the campsite where the Dennisons and Linfords were waiting; the Mabbs showed up right after us. (the Howards came in later that night too) The whole group except the Quinn's (we missed you guys...Donelle, you are still planning the next camping trip, right?). Coleman and Tanisha let Melody and I borrow a tent, an air mattress and a sleeping bag, because honestly, I dont do this very often and only have 2 camp chairs and a sleeping bag for Melody. That night, we hung out around the camp fire and made smores and let the kids run around and play cops and robbers. It was fun to stay up late and hang out with everyone. Poor Liz and Tyler had kids throwing up until 3am, so sorry guys! But they hung out with us anyway-in between cleaning things guys are awesome!

Saturday morning everyone was up EARLY and the kids (all of the kids in the whole ward I think) went down the hill and made a village. It was pretty cool...except for a few minor injuries, it was a big hit. The guys got a mean game of horse shoes going and I think Chad and Jon ended up winning. It was a relaxing morning and then it was time to pack up and head home...home to clean it all up. Mel, me, the car all got a bath! None of us had ever been that Thanks for talking me into the trip guys, it was a blast and Melody had a great time too!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Early Bird

Melody got up at 6:30 Sat morning and cleaned her room and straightened up the bathroom all before I woke up. It was a nice thing to wake up to. She had asked me Friday night if she could wake up early to clean and I said yes, thinking that wouldn't happen...guess I was wrong. Thanks Melody!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School....X 2!

Melody has 2 "first day of school" pictures this year. The first picture is from two weeks ago when she started ALA (American Leadership Academy...they wear uniforms)and the second picture, is the first day of school a week ago at Benjamin Franklin. The story? Well, I put Melody's name on a waiting list for Ben Franklin in Jan and up until the Thursday before school started, they didn't have a spot for her. ALA did but they started a week earlier, so Mel started there and on her second day of school, I got the call that she was in at Franklin. I think both schools are great and so I decided to let Melody make the decision. We had toured both places, and she decided Franklin was her top choice. So, she had a Friday off to meet her new teacher and then started school again. Luckily, she let me take her picture for a second time. I think Melody is going to have a great year and made a great choice on the school. It also works out better for my work schedule so I am pretty happy myself:) I get to work 8 to 3 in the office and then from home for 1-2 hours every afternoon, so I can be home with Melody after school regularly...a first for us!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


More reception photos. Melody and Doyle (Tif and Brian's) spent most of the night catching frogs. I kept telling Melody she was in a beautiful dress and we didn't want to ruin it and she just told me that she was being VERY careful and that she always wanted a pet frog! Nice. Unfortunatly, the frogs (all 6 of them) didnt make it home from the reception.


SO, I was a dork and totally forgot my camera on the day of the wedding and didnt get any pictures at the temple. But, I did manage to get a few at the reception of the couple, the fam and the kids. Amber and CJ look like the perfect couple and the girls looked adorable in their dresses. If we look a little sunburned, it is because it was 113 degrees and the reception was outside. A little hot setting up but the evening was perfect. Just how you ordered it mom...LOL. I babysat the chocolate fountain most of the night and got to see lots of old friends in the process. I have an amazing family, everyone worked really hard and it ended up beautiful for the blissful couple. Highlights: tying tulle to all the chairs, the wind blowing away the decorations and getting to re-do them, cleaning the chocolate fountain and the ALL TIME best-having an entire bowl of chicken salad not used (for all you in the kitchen you know what I mean :) Amber, I am so thankful for you! You are such a great sister and friend. CJ is a lucky guy and I hope you two make it a great life! CJ, thanks for being a GREAT guy for my sister. You guys are the best. Have fun in Silver City and enjoy the newlywed life!

Amber and CJ

These are just a couple of the amazing pictures Amber and CJ got during their announcement photo shoot. A girl from Thatcher took them and did a great job!


I have had lots of company this month! Which is a good thing, since Melody has been gone so much. Amber went thru the temple on July 2nd and the whole family came into town and then Andrea, Jared and kylie came down for the wedding (and the heat...come on Jared you love it!) One of the nights I got to have both Kylie Sue and Lanie at my house. They are both little sweethearts in their own way and I tried to get pictures of them playing together but they would stop playing when I tried so I settled for standing still next to each other(and when i say playing together i mean kinda playing usually ended up with Lanie sitting on Kylie but I think she was trying to be friendly:)


At the end of June the Quinns came to AZ for a visit and Nicolas got baptized in Safford. Our whole group of friends made the trip and Melody got to come too! She was spending time with her dad but I got to pick her up for a couple hours. She had never been to a baptism before and I really wanted her to go, especially when it was such a good friend. Nicolas is a great kid and a great example to all the younger kids in the group. Donelle had an awesome luncheon for everyone afterward and then the group got a little tour of Safford. They got to see where Leslie, me and Donelle all grew up and they got to ride 4 wheelers, shoot a gun, and then go to Dairy Queen. Doesn't get much better than that.