Thursday, December 27, 2007

Donelle Is Coming To Town!

I am so excited to see Donelle, Randy and the family. I know we are in for a great week. I just thought a little trip down memory lane would be appropriate!! Great Times! Road trip to Vegas, the Barbie party and the 80's karaoke party.... to mention a few. This next week has a lot to live up to. Don't ya think?

more cats

Melody was very excited to open some of her gifts early (she is spending the week with her dad). Can you believe it, more kitty cat stuff. She loved it. Hopefully, she will be as excited about her Santa presents when she opens those!


It was great to go home for Christmas. Everyone was there except Melody and Jared and Andrea (We really missed you). We had a fun time hanging out, cooking, and doing Christmas jars. It went by way to fast.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cards

I am always a little late when it comes to thinking about a Christmas card. Luckily, I know this awesome girl who is great at photography (Love you Shelley)!! SO, even though I am not on top of things, a card has been born. However, it may make its appearance as more as a Happy New Year card. Not too bad for me. Here are a few of the pictures. As you can see Blacky the cat even made an appearance. By the way, I have loved all the family pictures from everyone. You all look great!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Great Friends & Family

I have the best friends and family. I appreciate everyone who has supported me and let me talk things out this last couple years. I am so thankful for all you guys do for Melody and I. I also was grateful to have so much support for court!! Biggest turnout ever!! I know that I had even more support as well from those that couldn't come that day and I appreciate you too. Donelle has this picture on her site but it is worth reposting. I know this isn't everyone that was there but it is a good representation. I love you. Thanks.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I am so lucky to be Melody's mom! She is such a fun and loveable girl. She LOVES kitty cats and her favorite games are kitty hide-and-go seek and kitty goes to school. Melody is starting to care about having cute hair and nails and so we try but have never achieved the most beautful hair do that Emilee had at school yesterday. She is in kindergarten and loves school. She also loves her friends... all of them. We are excited that Melody is staying home with mom a lot more. ( For 14 days at a time if you ask her) It is nice to have a "regular" schedule and we enjoy having some weekend time together. Melody is also excited for Christmas and has asked everyday if she can open her presents. She is hoping Santa brings her a MP3 player. We'll see.