Monday, August 16, 2010

Tanisha's Birthday Party

For Tanisha's birthday party we had a Parisian themed night with a Julia Child spin. We had our own Julia Child (aka Jenn) come and teach us how to make a fruit tart with a flaky pastry crust, hollandaise sauce and different kinds of quiche. We had 2 different kinds of appetizers that were new to just about everyone at the party and then had 3 different kinds of quiche with asparagus and hollandaise sauce. For desert we had the yummy fruit tart and to drink sparkling french soda. I was a loser and forgot my camera so I had to steal a few pics to have something to post. It was decorated really cute, like a french cafe. Tanisha got the Julia Childs cookbook for her present and then we watched Julie and Julia. The BEST part was Leslie dressing up like a mime. Tanisha was hoping a mime would show up and Leslie was a great sport and acted the part well! Liz also got together a great game of pictionary, themed off of places in France. Shelley made really cute place cards for everyone (again, I am lame because I dont have a picture of them!) Donelle let us transform her house into a French cafe, Jennifer Pearce let me use her super cute Parisian decor and pictures that were perfect! Jenn and Leslie were amazing to shop for food and Jenn cooked EVERYTHING with Leslie and I as assistants. It was a huge group effort to pull it off but I think Tanisha enjoyed the party and everyone had some yummy food!

Jenn's Birthday Party

I finally made it to 2010 pictures! This year for Jenn's birthday, Leslie was in charge and we had a movie night at my apartment's theater room. It was PJ's, minky blankets and good times. We watched Mama Mia and Phantom of the Opera and we got to sing as loud as we wanted to :) Leslie planned a great party! Happy Birthday (a few months late) to Jenn. She is one smoking hot, fun, generous, kind woman. I am lucky to be her friend and I know A LOT of people that feel the same way!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christmas 2009

I can totally tell that it was not my turn in 2009 to have Melody for Christmas because I have hardly any pictures! It was Melody's year to go with her dad for Christmas but I did get her for a couple of hours Christmas Eve. We had our usual mexican food dinner and our family Christmas Jar delivery and a small program. I was glad Mel got to come for a little while. She opened up her presents before she had to leave. Some favorites: the minky zebra scarf, the necklace Aunt Maya made, a new coat, and some games. It is always hard having to share your has been 5 years of it and i am still not used to it but Melody and I have just made the best of it. It is always hard to be one place and have fun and then have to leave, even if you know there will be fun at the other place as well. Melody is amazing and I am So lucky that I get to be her mom. I am excited though, because this year is my turn! YAY!

2009 School Christmas Program

Melody's first Ben Franklin Christmas program was a good time. Melody had a blast singing and it was fun to be there with friends. We took some pictures after with the Gardner boys and Hatch girls and then took the kids out for ice cream. Everyone looked great all dressed up and I am pretty sure everyone made it through the night without spilling ice cream on their nice clothes :)