Monday, June 1, 2009

Melody's last few weeks of school

The last couple weeks of school went by fast, Melody had alot going on but here are a few highlights. She got to tie-dye a shirt for earth day and her whole class wore them to school on a certain day. She loves hers and if you look closely you will see a kitty (of course). She also got to go to Paige and Tana's princess party and loved dressing up! Melody has been reading her first chapter book..a Junie B. Jones book and has wanted absolutely no help from me...well, she finished it before school was over and could actually tell me what the book was about. Great Job Mel! The last pictures are of her school program. She wore her favorite dress and sang her little heart out! After the program, I got to check out her classroom and take more pictures! She is such a great kid. I had pneumonia last month and while I was sick she took great care of me! She organized my pantry (except for the top self) and my medicine cabinet one day while I took a nap! Am I lucky or what? As you can tell, I am missing her!! She went to spend time with her dad and has been gone week and there is still a week to go! I love you Melody!

Memo Board

For any of you that have been to Kelly's house, you know how amazing she is and how fun her classes are! I took a class to make this amazing memo board and I LOVE it. I used a flat minky fabric for the backgroud and it looks great in my house! Thanks Kelly (and Tanisha for creative imput) for having such wonderful classes. You can check her out at