Monday, July 26, 2010

Mel's broken arm....from last year!

Last year, about mid November, Melody fell at school and broke her arm. I picked her up from school as usual and she came walking to the car with an ice pack dangling over her arm (although I use the term ice pack was hot). I asked her what happened and she said she fell in PE while playing mosquito tag and went to the nurse and got an ice pack. I looked at it and it looked normal so I figured, no big deal....until later. That night Melody couldn't take the toothpaste cap off and then the next morning she couldn't turn the door knob or open the car door. I took her in to see the doctor and guessed it, it was broken about an inch above her left wrist. Mel wore a splint for a couple days and then she went to an ortho doc a few days later and picked out a purple, glittery cast. Mel wore it until a couple days before Christmas. She was ready to have it gone so I wouldn't wrap her arm up with Press N Seal anymore when she took a shower. I was glad to have it gone too.

Veteran's Day Parade 2009

Last year, Melody was in the Veteran's Day parade with her dance class. Melody got to be in the parade with Kaeli, Paige, Maddie and Lexi. The girls looked great and had a good time. Melody LOVED the big pink flower that Ms. Tracy made for them to wear. We had to take a picture of just the hair so you can all see the flower :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Student of the Month

Melody was student of the month for Miss Thomas' class in October. Miss Thomas is an amazing teacher and I think every kid in her class loves her. Melody loved being in her class and we are both sad that we couldn't take her with us to 2nd grade.

Fall sports

Last fall, Melody was in our neighborhood soccer group. She had a lot of fun going to practice and playing in the games. The kids all had a blast and the coaches were all great. It was great to have some inexpensive fun!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Turning 7

I can't even say that I can't believe Melody is 7 because I have posted these so late and now she is nearer to 8! Last November we were at the Gardner's house with the 3 youngest because Tanisha and Coleman, Jason and Nick were in Hawaii. We celebrated with a little get together with some friends and cupcakes the night before and then on Melody's birthday we had dinner at the Mabb's house (after dance) and more cupcakes :) That night, Mel opened her presents from her dad, grandparents and me. She was patient to wait ALL day to open them up but she was pretty excited to see zhu zhu pets, mario cart, webkinz and a beautiful dress. Over all she had a great birthday.

Halloween 2009

Melody branched out for last Halloween and decided not to be a cat (she has been a cat for the last 4 years!) The pretty bat costume caught her eye after I turned down the WAY too expensive Dorothy costume with the sparkly shoes and toto dog in a basket. I was excited because it wasn't a cat and because i could curl her hair and put a little make up on her :)

Day at the Zoo

Ok, before any of you think I am crazy and took my child to the zoo in the 115 degree weather, these are old pictures. I havent posted anything really from the last year. So, I am going through the pictures and posting things so I have the last year documented. This was last October during fall break. Melody and I went and spent a day at the zoo. Mel is SO much fun to be around. Her laugh is the best and we had a great time laughing at the monkeys and seeing all the animals. Melody wants to be a vet and LOVES animals so the zoo is always a big hit.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mary Poppins

Melody was in a Singing camp again this year, thanks to Chrissy taking her! I brought Melody to Chrissy's house every morning for a week and Melody got to play and swim with Kaeli and Paige and the boys and then after lunch Chrissy took them to singing camp and brought them home after. THANK YOU CHRISSY! Melody had a blast and this year they learned songs from Mary Poppins. We sang Mary Poppins every minute of that week to be ready for the performance Saturday. Melody had a solo in Supercalifragilis and I put the clip above so you can see what a great job she did. Kaeli and Paige did great on their parts, too. It was fun watching them. The Gardners came to watch the performance and cheer the girls on, thanks for coming guys!