Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd one gone!

I just paid off my 2nd credit card in my debt snowball and I am SO excited. Current debt paid over the last 6 months is about $8000.00! Every month I gain more momentum and love seeing the balances on my debt go DOWN! I got a little off track on my budget the first of this month with a couple things that I failed to plan for but I was able to adjust some other areas and make sure everything balanced out. I am almost giddy now. If you are wondering how I am doing this, see my last post on my favorite guy, Dave Ramsey. He is amazing and so is his plan!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I LOVE Dave Ramsey! He has totally changed my financial life. I first heard about Dave from Randy Quinn, who listened to The Dave Ramsey show in Texas. I got on-line and read about the "baby steps" and ordered the Total Money Makeover (a must read!) that night. I read it and have put it into action. I cut up the credit cards and am using cash or debit card for everything. I make a written budget every month and have made myself stick to it. In January, I signed up with Donelle and Randy to go through Financial Peace University, Dave's 13 week series and I am really enjoying it and learning a lot. So far, I have paid off $5,000 in debt and working hard on paying off more. SO, what is this all about? It is common sense. It is not buying things unless you have the $$ and cash is the way to go. It is amazing how making a budget and telling your money where to go can make you feel like you got a raise, even though you didn't. There is no more wondering, where did all the money go? I know. It went where I told it to. And me, being me, make sure to tell the $ to let me have some fun still, and I do a little but I know that, as Dave says, if I live like no one else, later I can LIVE like NO ONE else! Which means sacrifice now so you can enjoy life later with more satisfaction because you worked hard and earned it. He has 7 baby steps to break things down:

1. 1, 000 starter emergency fund
2. Pay off debt using the Debt snowball (smallest amount to largest amount) to get out of all debt but your house.
3. 3 to 6 months of living expenses in savings
4. 15% of household income in retirement
5. kids college fund(s)
6. Pay off the house
7. Build wealth and give

I just had to put this on here to spread the word that if you try this it will change your life for the better. If any of you were like me, stressed, worried about the bills every month, and thinking this is just "how it is" then you have to check this out. Because it isn't how it is. It is a great thing to have HOPE and that is what I have had for the first time about my finances. I am so excited for the day I can say I'M DEBT FREE! It will be a while but progress is being made. If anyone wants more info go to You can read more about the baby steps and listen to his radio show on-line. Or you can call me! I love to talk about this Dave:) I will post at big milestones in my debt snowball. I have paid off 1 credit card and am working on the second....more to come :)