Friday, February 27, 2009

Playground Trauma

This was the picture I got today from Chrissy. Melody got her two front teeth kicked out on the slide today at school...and another one on top is very loose and hanging. She did manage to find one tooth but not the other (she was a little sad about she didnt know if the tooth fairy would pay up for a tooth that wasn't under the pillow) I explained the tooth fairy understands about those kinds of things but Mel wasnt too sure. She changed her mind when she once again woke up to a glitter trail and an upgrade on the $$$ to $5. I think now, she thinks it is cool to have her front teeth knocked out. Thanks to Chrissy for dealing with the trauma (one of the down falls of being a working mom is to not be there! but Mel is lucky to have a bunch of awesome "second moms")

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sapce Project

So, I thought I wasn't going to be dealing with any type of "science project" for another couple years (not my best subject) and I was totally okay with that. But, it seems that 1st grade expects a little more out of the kids (and parents) these days.

Our Task: To do a project on a planet with a report and a visual aid of some sort.

What Melody wanted: a HUGE model of the solar system, with all the moons and dwarf planets included. Now, I do like to do a good job but that seemed like total over kill to me. I tried to talk her into a nice poster...

Compromise: A small scale solar system with just the planets...and I would let her paint everything herself :) I thought this was great and so did Melody. We went to JoAnns and got some suppies and I let her go to town. I was impressed that she saw the whole project through and didnt pawn it off on me!

End result: A small replica of the solar system, created by Melody and with a Bow tied onto it by...ME (you guessed it) I also had to find some info on Saturn and type up the report (with her watching to make sure I did it right! good times) She was pretty proud of herself and said, "that was fun, can we make another one?" She got up in front of the class the next day to present it and said hers was one of the best..almost the best but Ben's was cool too! Great job Mel, thanks for working so hard!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jenn's Bday Entertainment

Happy Birthday to Jenn! Jenn, you know I love you and that is why I would dress up and make a fool of myself for YOU! This year for Jenn's Bday Leslie, Christina and I planned a lovely lip sync to "Dancing Queen" in honor of Mamma Mia. I had to post Leslie and Christina's great outfits, they are awesome..Unfortunately, I can not steal Lelie's pictures off her slide show and I only got a couple if you want more of this goodness check out Leslie's blog. I did have to throw in a pic of my awesome pants...If the black pants Leslie and I are wearing look familiar, you may have seen them at Target on the clearance rack (which is the only place for them!) I turned these beauties into some great disco wear. If anyone needs to borrow them...let me know :)