Saturday, July 21, 2012

Melody's Skirt/ Art&Craft Show

In May 2011, Melody made a skirt at her sewing class...mostly all by herself. Melody took sewing lessons from Kelly Hendrickson every month and this was her last project before summer. Kelly is great about having the kids actually learn to sew and love doing it. Later in the year, Chrissy Mabb had a great idea and put on an art and craft show at her home for kids to display what they had made over the last year. Melody had a table and was able to show all her projects. It was fun to see all the creativity and talent of the kids. Great idea, Chrissy! Thanks for inviting Melody!

A nice surprise!

In May 2011, Melody was surprised one day with a present showing up on our door step that said, "We Love You Melody".  Inside the bag were games, clothes, movie tickets, gift card, and a sleeping bag. Melody loved it and so did I. She said she knew who it was from right away with no hesitation...our friends! We have the best friends in the world. Melody had been struggling with some things for months and it was a great reminder to her of blessings in her life and the great friends she has. Thank you to our amazing friends who always seem to know when someone needs a guys are truly the best and we love you!

Melody and Erik get their Yellow Belts May 2011

In May 2011, Melody and Erik both got their Yellow Belts and were SO excited. Thy had been going every Saturday for a semester to take lessons from Sunsai Mike and had a blast. Parents didn't get to stay during classes so at the belt ceremony, the kids did a demonstration for the parents and then were presented with their belts. Melody loves karate and wants to keep going. I think it is great too so I am glad we finally found something we both like :).

Trip to Flagstaff

In April 2011, Melody and I drove up to Flagstaff to see the Parkers. It had been WAY too long since I had gone up to visit Lizz and her family and this time I got to take Melody. I only got a few pictures but the kids had a blast playing at an indoor water park (it was cold outside!) and Melody and Russell have decided they are cousins :).  It was fun to see Lizz, Tyler and Russ and Rachel and their dog Tess (who has captured both mine and Melody's hearts...this dog plays duck, duck goose!). We also got to see their home...all repaired after it was hit by a freak tornado late the previous year...their house made the news, a boat had gone through the ceiling of Russell's bedroom, while he was in the room! So crazy! I am glad they were not hurt but to see the before and after pictures made you realize how easily they could have been and just across the street, the entire front of the house there, is gone. The house to the right, has the entire roof missing. I wish I would have taken pictures to just show what I saw but I think I was too dazed by it all to remember at the time. Thanks Lizz and Tyler for a fabulous weekend! Your cooking was delicious, your house beautiful, your kids wonderful, your dog fun, and staying up late and talking was just like old times!

Easter 2011

We love to go to Safford for Easter and hang out with our family and let Melody play with her cousins. We have started a kind of tradition, of going to Alisha and Robert's house Saturday before Easter to have a cook out and an Easter egg hunt.  Robert lets the grass grow a little longer than usual so it isn't WAY too easy but basically the kids just have fun running around and there are always enough eggs to make everyone happy. Melody likes to get a lot of eggs and then she gives away most of the candy because she doesn't like to eat too many types of candy. Sunday, we go to church with Grammy and Papa and have family dinner at their house before it is time to head home.

Andrew and Denise's wedding March 2011

 Andrew's girls...before Denise...Alene, Andrea, Alisha, Mom, Amber, Analyse and Aubrey.

The cousins...Lauren, Melody, Jared, Bryce, Lanie, Kylie and Camden

 Melody and Brandon, so glad we have Brandon as an "official" member of the family, we love you!

 The brother-in-laws with my one and only brother...Jared, CJ, Andrew, Jay, and Robert

In March 2011, my only brother, Andrew, got married to Denise Henry. We are so lucky to have Denise for a new sister and her son Brandon for a new nephew and cousin! Melody and Lauren got to be flower girls and Melody got to walk down the aisle with Brandon. Denise had her friends do Melody and Lauren's hair and the girls were so excited to have their hair done professionally. After the wedding, there was a dinner and then a dance. The kids all had a blast showing their "moves" and loved it when Uncle Andrew and Aunt Denise came and danced with them too. Brandon and Camden showed off their break dancing and made us all smile. It was a fun night, we love you guys so much!

Spring Break 2011 Project

To kick off Spring Break 2011, Melody and I re-decorated a magnet board to fit Mel's style and room. Her favorite color is green and she still Loves cats so the theme of the board is probably no surprise to any of Mel's family or friends :). Shelley had given us some vinyl cat and cat paw prints a while back and Melody wanted them for her board and we went to the store and Mel picked out the color green she wanted to paint it.. It was fun to work together and even more fun to see how excited and proud she was of her board. We hung it up in her room and she put up a few of the drawings she had made the year before.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Disneyland with Aunt Brenda, Feb 2011

Aunt Brenda takes her grandkids to Disneyland when they turn 8 and in  Feb. of 2011, Melody and Taya were lucky enough to get included and go with Mason and Aunt Brenda! The girls left on Valentine's Day and flew to California and spent the night and then went to Disneyland the next day. They squeezed in all the rides and fun they could into one day and then flew back home. Melody had such a good time. I am not surprised, going anywhere with Aunt Brenda is FUN! Thank you for including Melody, this was a great experience for her!!!