Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelley!!

We had Shelley's birthday party last night and it turned out really great! Our theme was Tool Belt Diva. Shelley is always creating new things and then using some tool to make it. So, she got a pink tool kit and "designer bags". We had nachos and wings for dinner and Tanisha made an awesome cake! There was a name that tool game (good job Angela), and a bird house building contest. Jennifer and I got our house together first and didn't even hurt each other, so we won that contest and got a pair of pink saftey glasses a tool belt and a pink hammer :) My favorite picture of the night is Chrissy checking out her bird house with a little IBC to make it all better. Melody hung out at the party too and REALLY liked the cake. I had a blast. Shelley, you are amazing. We are all lucky to be friends with you.

Gardner Boys

Last weekend Melody and I stayed with the Gardner boys while Tanisha and Coleman were out of town. I think they discovered that Leslie was the "fun one" but it was a good weekend none the less. Melody had a blast being with the boys. They swam, slept in a cool fort and, what else?, played video games!! My camera died after only 2 pictures. So sorry Trevor and Nick. Next time we will get some better pics.

Monday, August 4, 2008

1st Grade!!!

Melody started school today and absolutely loved 1st grade. She was so excited this morning that she didn't need to be woken up and couldn't wait to get going. It was overcast and she was afraid of rain, so she picked out an alternate first day of school outfit and had to bring her umbrella. She didn't need it but she said she looked good and thought her hair was like Hannah Montanna :) Can you ask for anything better? I was a little worried during the day that she would be tired, hungry or scared. I shouldn't have bothered because it was "the best day ever and first graders are the best!" She loved her desk and her teacher and recess and lunch and the bus, even though it was late. She is lucky to get to ride the bus with her friend Kaeli, who does an awesome job of lookin out for Mel-Thanks Kaeli! Melody also made a few new friends by asking them , "do you want to be my friend?" and that sealed the deal. I am so happy that she loves it.