Monday, May 25, 2009

Leslie's Bday Weekend

Leslie came to visit for her Bday and we had a blast! For her actual Bday we went to Oregano's for dinner and then went to the Hale Theatre and saw Charley's Aunt..pretty funny. On the way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme...had to have some kind of dessert on the big day...we had done cake the night before with more friends and then went and saw Star Trek. The rest of the weekend was fun... nothing but fun times and then before Leslie left Monday, we went and got pedicures....Leslie has the Brown toes with turquoise dots, Jenn's are the pink tip with flowers, mine are the black tips with dots and Shawna"s ( leslie's sister) are the turquise with brown dots. TOO cute and so much fun! Happy Birthday Leslie!! I am so glad that you came down, Love YA!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Liz's BDay

Liz and I usually have a party together bu this year we had separate parties. For Liz's Bday we went to Baby Jake's grave and spent some time out there. Tanisha had made a beautiful flower arrangement with a picture of Jake on it. Jake is such a big part of Liz and her life that it was the perfect thing to do and for all of us to share time with her and Jake! After that we went to Red Robin for dinner. Liz, you are such an amazing person. Happy Birthday! I am glad we are friends, I know you have been through so much and I appreciate your sharing your birthday with us!