Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Birthday Arrest

Fot my birthday, this year, I was arrested fot tax evasion! Tanisha couldn't pass up the April 15th tax day idea :) As I was leaving work, I was apprehended in the parking lot (luckily I left later and no one saw!) But, I will take this kind of arrest any day as I got to go to Jimmy's for a pedicure and then to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with some great friends!! They gave me a new camera (because as you can tell from the pinkish hue of the Texas pictures mine wasn't working too good and finally bit the dust), which I love and When I got home, Tanisha had Kelly make minky pillow cases for me to match my blanket...A little bit of heaven to sleep with :) But the party didnt stop there...I got taken out to dinner almost every night for the weeek after, Thanks to Brenda and Maya and my family. We also wnent to the movies and saw 17 again, which I thought was hilarious. My sisters and brother and Donelle all sent cards cuz they couldnt be here. Thanks to all of my amazing friends for making me feel special and so lucky to have great friends in my life!! I also had to throw in a couple pics from the last 2 previous Bday parties...80's/karaoke and my chinese party were amazing! I am completely spoiled!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Wednesday, Randy and I headed to Dallas! (Donelle and Shelley stayed home with the kids) I think I said WOW, about a million times. I had no idea how cool Dallas is or that it is home to so much art. Randy took me to see a herd a sculpted longhorns and cowboys that was up in Downtown. Then, we went to see the JFK memorial and the book depsoitory and the grassy knoll. We got to take the tour of the 6th and 7th floors of the book depository and it was amazing! The pictures and news reports were well done and I felt like I was back in time. I have to say I was a big believer in the whole conspiracy theory and multiple shooters, but the evidence in the tour has persuaded me that there was probably just one shooter (although, I still wonder...) After the tour, we had lunch at a really cool diner and then went to the Nashar Sculpture Museum! I said WOW a lot here! I loved it! I would recommend checking this exhibit out to anyone going to Dallas. There were a couple of pieces that were so beautiful and a few that I didnt know what the heck all the fuss was about; but, overall and amazing place. Next, we went across the street to an Asian art museum. It was amazing as well. There is furniture from the MIng Dynasty and the collection of snuff boxes and bottles were cool. The carvings were so intricate you had to have a magnifying glass to see all the detail. I took a picture of one the hallways, you walked thru tons of oragami hung from the ceiling. Last, Randy I drove drove around the campus of TCU where he is going to school. It is a gorgeous campus and sounds like a great school.

When Randy and I finally made it back, Donelle, Shelley and I went out for girls night. Donelle took us to eat at Le Madeleines and the chicken ceasar salad was great! Next, we went to the mall and shopped a little and just enjoyed the time. It was a great time! When we got home we arrived to crashed out kids. They all had a slumber party every night in the playroom. The next day, we let the kids play and packed up to come home. The week went by WAY too fast. Thanks Donelle and Randy for the best spring break vacation. You are wonderful hosts and tour guides and friends. We miss you guys and can't wait until December (or sooner) when you move back. Thanks for letting us come and invade your home :)