Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy 6th Bithday, Melody!!!!

Melody is 6!! This year, Melody wanted to go to the park and have a pinata and cupcakes. So, that's want we did. Melody passed out some invitations and picked out a pinata, made goodie bags and helped make and frost the cupcakes. We had the party on Saturday the day before her birthday and had a blast!! Melody was tired from being up late the night before for Halloween and had a little bit of a melt down becuase someone said she wasn't really 6, but after a time out, she was fine (DRAMA!) MEl had fun playing with her friends and loved her cupcakes and presents!! She got a singing kitty card, a big pony, the Tinkerbell movie and High School Musical 1, kitty in my pocket, a vanity to paint and decorate, a picture frame, lip gloss and bath stuff, littlest pet shop book and magna doodle, littles pet shop animals, hannah montana pajamas, purse, and make up, 2 fur real kitties, a coloring book and cool crayon holder, play doh and a really cool necklace. Melody had to wear the pj's to bed and wore her new necklace until she had to take it off. Aunt Brenda had Melody over for dinner and gave her a huge kit of stickers, stationary and craft things.

The next day, Nov 2nd, Mel woke up to her present from Mom, which was a DS and balloons, and her presents from dad, which were games for the DS. She was very surprised and excited! We had stake conference that morning and Melody had to wear her purple dress to go with her new necklace. Super Cute! What a big girl :)


Melody got to wear her Halloween costume 3 times this year, and was very excited about it. Fall Festival, the Trunk or Treat and then Halloween. She was a kitty for the 4th year in a row but a pretty kitty, so I was happy to give her cute hair and put a little make up on her. Jared, Lauren, and Camden came down for the weekend before Halloween and got to go to the trunk or treat with Melody. Thanks for coming to play! We had a great block party on Halloween, the food was great and the kids had a blast trick or treating. As you can see, I dressed up this year. I hadn't for a long time and since I was going to a party that required a costume later I dressed up with Melody to go trick or treating. I got a lot of "Lucy, you got some splaining to do" comments as well as a lot of inquiries for Ricky. I mean who doesn't love Lucy? The party I went to later was a bust but thanks for taking me out Jennifer :)Good times.