Sunday, September 23, 2012

Melody's 9th BDay, Nov 2011

Melody turned 9 last November and, once again, I am so late posting that I can't even say that she is way too old because now she is so close to turning 10! Mel's bday was on a Wednesday and I made her wait upstairs until I had the camera ready for her to come downstairs as a 9 year old. I love her face when she opens her presents...always SO excited. Mel loved her cat pillow pet, her new dress and her new Monte Carlo movie. We saw the movie together at the theater and since then, Melody and I have added a few places to our travel wish list. (On the list so far: England...all of it!, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany, Machu Picchu, and Ethiopia...with Brother Jenkins group and Hope arising, when Mel is a little older and a bunch of places in the USA...Williamsburg, VA, Alaska, Washington DC)

Mel had a great day at school and that night we had her favorite dinner, Spaghetti, and for her birthday dessert, we had brownies. I sure love this girl! Mel really wanted a birthday party with lots of friends from school so we did a party at the park a few days later, on Saturday morning. The party needs a posting of its own so that will be the next one :)

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